Victoria Street

About the Project

Daniel Nguyen former Mayor now councillor at Yarra City Council contacted Urban Enhancement to help rejuvenate Melbourne’s Vietnamese precinct on Victoria Street Abbottsford. We worked with the traders association and members of the community to decide which walls and roller doors needed some artwork. Many of the shop fronts were constantly getting tagged and the shop owners were tired of cleaning it off. Instead of going with an anti graffiti stance Urban Enhancement opted to get in contact with as many of the active local graffiti artists as possible to see if they would be interested in participating in the projects. A few declined but many were keen and we set about painting.

We have now painted more than 20 roller doors along the street and many walls down side streets. We are looking to paint another set of murals this year with a group of street artists working at height on scissor lifts above the street level. It’s crazy how transformative a coat of colourful paint can be. At night all the roller doors are closed and some are light up so that you can see amazing works by Knock, Creature Creature, Retayner, Malice, Mayo, Lench, Nost, Ilone, Dose, Prix, Cleo, Greco, Mr Tee and many others. This has been a great project and I cant wait to push it even further doing larger scale murals.