St Kilda Style

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About the Project

Graffiti in St Kilda: This bold, illustrative piece really brightened up a dark corner…

The entrance to Woolworths in St Kilda was looking rather drab and dreary. It is situated in an awkward spot between a car park and a lane way and it needed a bit of love. Some renovations were being done to the store so they decided to get Urban Enhancement involved to cover the entire entranceway with artwork inspired by local icons. The laneway that runs next to the supermarket is filled with graffiti and street art so of course we had to include some in our design.

The artwork features Luna park, boats from the local marina, The Palais Theatre, the 16 tram, the little penguins and a tip of the hat to many local graffiti artists such as Sinch and other artists such as Fred Negro. We had to work at night which was difficult but we got to meet a variety of interesting characters. The artwork was transformative and the space no longer dark and dirty looks bright and inviting.  This Graffiti in St Kilda can now change your mood, or add brightness to your day.