Pop Art

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About the Project

A bold, bright art piece can add some vibrant energy to your space…

The clients located in Shepparton were avid art collectors with paintings by Ben Quilty, Del Kathryn Barton and many others hanging in their collection. They wanted a bright feature wall painted next to their swimming pool to add a point of interest to the space and liven up the entertaining area.
The only requests were a tip of the hat to the grateful dead, the London underground, Harley Davidson, Bowie and to include the all seeing eye.    

Other than those few suggested inclusions we were given free rein on the design making this a dream job for the perfect clients. The more freedom the artist has to express themselves the further they can push their ideas to create striking results. The use of complementary and contrasting colours really make this wall pop.
The combination of graffiti, street art and pop art really creates a dynamic piece full of movement and colour.