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About the Project

Many of Melbourne’s laneways are filthy, grimy places filled with piss, rats and stinking bins. However as many of the best bars and restaurants of Melbourne are hidden down laneways they are an integral part of the city. On various occasions Urban Enhancement has been called on to transform an unsightly lane into a vibrant gallery of public artwork. We round up a team of street artists, graffiti artists and fine artists to combine their differing styles and transform spaces.

Here are a few examples where a dark drab space has been completely changed into a glowing work of art. The Spice market mural features a portrait painted by Mongolian artist Heesco of Mongolian model Odna Gerel (that’s her standing in front of the painting @odna_gerel) it also features Dems 189, Ling, Retayner, Adnate, Sigs, Jorz, Knock and Bailer.