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Melbourne’s Most Accomplished Street Artists

Urban Enhancement is an exclusive collective of professional street artists, dedicated to bringing drab, empty urban spaces back to life with extreme colour and unmatched imagination.
After having been repeatedly commissioned by the ‘who’s who’ of the festival, hospitality, and corporate worlds, Urban Enhancement has amassed an unparalleled body of work that continually encapsulates Australia’s urban essence.

Graffiti Artists for Hire

Graffiti artists for hire


Urban Enhancement has built a solid reputation for high-quality Council work. The City of Port Phillip, Geelong, Banyule, Nillumbik, Hume, Yarra, and the City of Melbourne have repeatedly commissioned our world-class street artists for strikingly original urban art.
Our professional street artists magically transform dreary laneways into iconic showpieces, and dirty substations into major points of interest.
We also run youth workshops educating at-risk youth how to take an idea from a simple pencil-sketch all the way to a large scale mural.
We believe that urban art shouldn’t be simply removed from a city’s walls, but celebrated, with dedicated graffiti artists given a chance to fully express their imaginations anywhere and everywhere.


Don’t leave your building project generic and featureless. If your company is required to spend a percentage on decoration or urban art, look no further, we are a one-stop-shop for concept, design and production.
Standard laser-cut facades are often bland and unremarkable. A world-class mural or design will help sell your project faster, and transform it into an instantly recognisable landmark.
We have a wide variety of distinguished street artists in our employ, chosen for their ability to deliver spectacularly unique urban art at the most professional level.
Noted development companies such as Orion and DGI have used our services to great effect; and our works for them, and many other contractors, are displayed across major site redevelopments Australia-wide.


As ‘street’ and contemporary structural design now coalesce into one, it is commonplace for our street artists to collaborate alongside architects and designers.
Urban Enhancement is exceptionally well versed in working with plans and design teams to conceptualise and finish jobs of any magnitude.
Urban Enhancement works with numerous architects. Most notable amongst these is John Wardle Architects, who used our services to enhance their Graffiti House design in Fitzroy. Our contributing artists were also featured discussing this project on the ABC program Dream Build.

Festivals & Events

Urban Enhancement has vast experience in festival displays, and can supply street artists for any project. Whether you just need a single artist to create a unique piece for an event, or you want us to organise a group of artists to paint live during it, we have the experience necessary to coordinate the paint, professionals, artwork, safety, and any other aspect of the creative process.
St Kilda Festival, Rainbow Serpent, Meeting of Styles, and The Australian Open are just some of the places we have constructed unique urban art in a ‘festival’ setting.
We can coordinate small groups of street artists for pop-up art activations, or much larger groups, painting together, to create a single finished piece.


Garden feature walls transformed with urban art are always an impressive conversation starter. Hanging plants, planter boxes, and cleverly arranged flora around work created by our professional street artists can enhance designs tenfold.
Urban Enhancement has created numerous backyard and pool murals for a wide variety of home-based clients. Ponds and other reflective surfaces can greatly enhance the look and feel of urban art, as they add light and movement to an already eye-catching display.

Interior designers

Nothing says ‘modern’ quite like unique urban art placed in a professionally designed space. Urban Enhancement is well versed in working alongside interior designers to conceptualise arrangements and colour pallets that are sympathetic to the numerous elements of any contemporary living area.
The work of street artists in a home setting, stylishly enhanced with downlights and furniture, can be used to transition from one part of a house to another — creating vastly different, yet complementary, environments from one room to the next.

Restaurant & cafés

Urban Enhancement regularly works with Restaurateurs to create truly iconic eating establishments. Feature walls decorated by our team of professional street artists can turn your eatery into a local landmark, making it simple to locate, and a standout amongst a sea of competitors.
An exterior urban art display can draw interest to your business and substantially increase customer numbers. Alternatively, interior artwork could remarkably transform the venue, helping create a unique experience that customers will come back for again and again.

& everyone else

Urban Enhancement works with anyone and everyone, with no task being too big or small for our professional street artists to conceptualise, design and produce.
Home, office, holiday house, water tower, silo, skate park — or any other space that needs a world-class dose of urban art, Urban Enhancement has you covered.
Contact Melbourne’s most accomplished street artists today to transform any forgettable blank space into a distinguished landmark.